IT vulnerability assessment

Do you wish to have your IT environment tested by an ethical hacker in order to get an overview of your most critical IT security risks and to get advice on quick wins?
During a vulnerability assessment, we assess your critical IT applications on a number of automated tests. These tests aim to highlight existing IT security issues with regard to the tested applications.


This scan gives SMB's (with or without production environments) an overview of IT (security) risks and provides an actionable list of advices to improve the information security level of your organisation.

Your organisation will receive an answer to the following questions:

  • Are your IT environment and your most critical IT systems capable of withstanding external cyber attacks?
  • Are you exposed to vulnerabilities typically present in IT environments?

Even if your IT environment (locally or in the cloud) is managed by an external IT provider, it can be of value to have the maturity / vulnerability level of your IT environment analyzed (by an independent third party). If required/useful, also a supplier audit can be executed.


During the vulnerability assessment we mainly use automated tools. This allows us to work quickly and efficiently. By adding the technical know-how and expertise of our testers (read: ethical hackers), we can provide you with a comprehensive report which you can use to immediately improve the security level of your IT environment. and/or critical IT applications.


Can a SMB apply for the "KMO-portefeuille" subsidy for this service?
Yes, clipeum is a recognized service provider for both advice and training.