IT maturity scan

Based on an internationally recognized information security framework, we evaluate your current IT infrastructure and IT management against best practices. This evaluation provides insights into the maturity of your IT environment and allows you to identify potential risks & areas for improvement.
If requested, we can also provide you with pragmatic support in improving the maturity of your IT infrastructure and IT management (both organizational and technical) as well as with increasing the necessary awareness within your organisation.


The IT maturity scan is opportune if your organisation has already considered IT security, has taken a number of measures to increase the IT security, but would like to have an independent view on their status or learn more about best practices.
However, this scan is also useful for organisations that have currently taken limited IT security measures and IT management measures and would like to have guidance on how to proceed in setting up adequate security controls, taking into account the specific context of your organisation.


We challenge your organisation's existing IT security measures and IT management (policies and procedures) against recognized standards and best practices, taking into account the context and profile of your organisation. This allows us to provide you with an objective assessment of your organisation's cyber / information security maturity level.

Where there is still room for further professionalisation of your IT infrastructure and/or IT management, we can help you to set up the necessary policies and procedures, implement technical measures and provide awareness sessions for staff and/or management so that professionalisation doesn't remain a purely theoretical exercise.


Can a SMB apply for the "KMO-portefeuille" subsidy for this service?
Yes, clipeum is a recognized service provider for both advice and training.