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The dependence on data and systems within the business world increases day by day. Therefore, every company must be aware of the challenges and risks of the digital era and the fight against cyber threats. To be able to respond to the increasing demand for privacy and information security services, horsum decided to establish the sister company clipeum.

Cyber and privacy risks continue to emerge due to strong digitalization. Do you know what the risks are for your company and how they can be monitored? Are you aware of the legislation that you must comply with? clipeum helps you to create the necessary structures and to draw up a goal-oriented action plan. Whether you want to use a formal information security framework (ISO 27001, COBIT, NIST, CIS, ITIL, etc.) or not.

You probably think that it will not happen to you or that hackers are not interested in your company’s data. However, be aware that information security risks must be viewed in a broader perspective than just the impact of external criminal activities. A dismissed employee who removes data, a colleague who inattentively shares sensitive pricing information with the outside world or an HR employee who has lost sensitive payroll data on the train are all examples of how many risks can also have an internal cause. Therefore, it is of great importance to create awareness about information security amongst your employees. clipeum can assist you with both training and targeted social engineering exercises.

clipeum has extensive knowledge and experience in guiding you through various privacy and information security questions in organizational, technical or legal areas. As such, clipeum can assure correct information sharing and coaching.

Being the sister company of horsum, clipeum pursues the same philosophy. We do not offer an off-the-shelf approach or do not deliver check-the-box solutions. We establish a pragmatic approach for each project, tailored to your company. It doesn’t matter whether you company is small or large, a family business, SME or a large international environment.

Are you, to conclude, afraid that costs will be too high for this? clipeum is a registered service provider for the ‘Vlaamse KMO-Portefeuille’. As a result, SME’s can cover the information security risks with a relatively small investment.

Frederik Vervoort

28 mei 2019