DPO services & GDPR compliance maintenance


clipeum offers a wide range of services concerning the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) compliance within your organization, but also services in view of staying GDPR compliant.

The DPO (Data Protection Officer)/GDPR SPOC (Single Point of Contact) services make sure that you stay compliant with the European and local privacy rules at any point in time. An external DPO or GDPR SPOC is not only impartial, experienced and the safest way to be in line with the European GDPR legislation (and the by the EU member states transposed national GDPR legislations), it also gives you the comfort of knowing you will stay compliant and will always be up to date with the newest (changes in) privacy legislation.

In addition, permanent compliance with the GDPR will create (extra) trust among your personnel, your customers, your suppliers and other important stakeholders as, for example, your shareholders.


clipeum offers a wide range of DPO or GDPR SPOC services in the form of an implementation process, an after-care process, or in the form of an independent GDPR screening (or privacy scan/privacy audit/privacy assessment) for your company or group of companies. It concerns (amongst others):

  • GDPR compliance maintenance programme: drawing up of and/or assistance with the execution of the GDPR maintenance programme, including developing and executing a set of periodical compliance checks, and following up the implementation of the defined action plans.
  • Data protection impact assessments (DPIA’s): maintaining existing DPIA’s and developing new DPIA’s for every critical processing activity of personal data.
  • Data subject requests: assisting with treating data subject requests.
  • Screening of contracts, HR/ICT policies and procedures/terms of use/compliance status for (new or modified) contractual relations.
  • Data breach support: providing organizational, legal and technical support in case of data breaches (also outside business hours).
  • DPO helpdesk: dealing with specific queries by stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, contractors, …) on the processing of personal data.
  • Independent compliance audits: executing a compliance audit after completion of the GDPR project.
  • 3rd party audits: Support your organization with the preparation or management of GDPR audits initiated by national data protection agencies, shareholders, customers, etc.
  • Interaction with the data protection authorities: establishing contacts between your company and the Privacy Commission.
  • Reporting: setting up and supporting your organization with the periodical privacy related reporting/dashboards.
  • Legal watch: Informing your organization on relevant changes in the relevant European and local privacy regulations and the impact of the changes on your organization.
  • Awareness: setting up recurrent awareness initiatives (e.g. communication campaigns, phishing exercises or privacy workshops).
  • Training regarding data protection: organizing the necessary training initiatives or GDPR update sessions for the different stakeholders within the organization.
  • Assistance with selecting external GDPR tools: mapping the functional requirements of GDPR tools for your organization and guiding in the selection process of the appropriate GDPR tool.


Would you like to know more about how clipeum can assist your company in the organization of the GDPR compliance process and in maintaining GDPR compliance? Than we are happy to come along. Contact us without any obligation by sending an email to frederik.vervoort@clipeum.be or give us a call at +32 473 91 05 80 for more information.